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July 28, 2011 / JaymeJ

Gettin’ Googlefied

As I travel Seattle to attend the Google Teacher Academy, a mix of emotions course through me – Excitement. Trepidation. Insecurity. Awe. A sense of adventure.

I am excited to see old friends, meet many members of my PLN face to face, and make some new additions to my PLN, too. I am a bit afraid, insecure, wondering why they picked me. In awe, as people I admire and have followed on twitter for a while are part of this GTA class. Do I really have what it takes to hang with this group? They are amazing! As my adventure begins, I look forward to learning more about Google, discovering ways to enhance our curriculum, hanging out with fellow GCTs, and being in a city I love.

Follow the #gtawa hashtag on Twitter tomorrow to see all that we are learning and sharing.

*added 6/2012:
As I changed blog addresses just before GTAWA, here is a repost of my application video:

JaymeJ’s application video for the Google Teacher Academy, Seattle


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