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January 26, 2012 / JaymeJ

Third Graders “Rock Our World”

Village School's Third Graders "Rock Our World"!

This fall, third grade students had the opportunity to participate in a project called Rock Our World. Rock Our World is an international global collaboration project where students from 44 schools over 6 continents compose original music, make movies, and meet each other in live video chats! It all culminates in an International Family Night where classes from around the globe come together in a live, worldwide webcast to share what they’ve learned and celebrate education.

Round 15 was dedicated to the topics of Healthy Eating and Sustainability. (We jokingly called it “Striving for world PEAS!”) The essential question was, “How can we eat healthier while leaving the lowest carbon footprint?” In addition to the music component of the project, students were challenged to inspire other students and teachers to eat healthy foods and to live more sustainably. Groups focused on projects ranging from Rock Your Kitchen (recipes, farmers markets, seasonal foods, organic gardening), to energy conservation, to recycling and reducing waste (recycled crafts, toy donations, packing no waste lunches).

Our international music team consisted of Nebraska, Oregon, Wisconsin, Germany, and two classes in New Zealand. Together we rocked! We also had the amazing opportunity to work with the band Alma Desnuda, vocalist Tara J. King, and videographer Paul Devoto. For this round of Rock Our World, they wrote a song “Life We Got” and asked students to collaborate on vocals and creating the music video.

Third graders also had the opportunity to video-chat with classes from New Zealand, Florida, and Pennsylvania, as well as talk to members of Alma Desnuda. We were introduced to class pets — ferrets, chinchillas, bunnies, rats, and more! – discovered that students in New Zealand go to the beach during Christmas and Hanukkah and spoke with a class of students who attend class at a different school two days a week.

Learn More:

Rock Our World

The Life We Got project

View projects created by Village School third graders, including a 1 minute music video, our international song, Alma Desnuda’s “Life We Got video”, and details about what each group learned

This is a reprint of an article written for our quarterly school newsletter.


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