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May 17, 2013 / JaymeJ

Instagram and SnapChat – the perils of this photo sharing phenomenon

Reposted from Village School’s Tech Bytes

Photo sharing apps, such as Instagram and SnapChat, are being used by pre-teens, teens, and tweens to share events from their daily lives. While these companies’ terms of service state that users must be over the age of 13, we have been informed that some Village School students have accounts and are using personal devices and home computers to share photos with others.
Instead of re-writing already good information, we encourage parents to read/view the following:

At an elementary school age, children and pre-teens are still developing their decision making skills. Things they find funny or appropriate to share with others may not reflect their true character or your family’s values. Parents need to monitor, provide guidance, and have frequent conversations about expectations for their child(ren)’s use of technology.

In addition, every online account or service is governed by that company’s Terms of Service. All specify that children under the age of 13 are not permitted on their service. For children over the age of 13, great care and consideration should be given prior to allowing accounts to be created. The same caution should be used with any social media tools including FacebookKleekVine, and others.


What are your thoughts?

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