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May 17, 2013 / JaymeJ

SnapChat – Not as impermanent as some believe

As a follow up to our previous post about Instagram and Snapchat, a recently posted article reveals that Snap Chat photos are not actually deleted after each post. Images are stored on the phone on which they were taken. While it is difficult to find these files, they are there.

[In December,] Snapchat’s [co-founder and CEO Evan] Spiegel told BuzzFeed Snapchat users “embrace the spirit and intent of the service. There will always be ways to reverse engineer technology products — but that spoils the fun!”

This is yet another opportunity to talk with your children about the permanence of online postings. No matter how “private” your account – once you post something online, you make that information/image/video available for others to view, forward, or share.

Snapchat has emailed the following response to Business Insider.

“There are many ways to save snaps that you receive – the easiest way is to take a screenshot or take a photo with another camera. Snaps are deleted from our servers after they have been viewed by the recipient.”

Note that while it says photos are deleted from Snapchat’s servers, it doesn’t say photos are deleted from the devices.

Read more:

Huff Post – Those Sexy Photos You Sent Don’t Actually Delete, Says Researcher (VIDEO) 
Original article from KSL –

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