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December 18, 2013 / JaymeJ

Your Internet Minute

I came across this infographic from Intel today, highlighting what happens in an internet minute. Though the stats are from 2012, it provides interesting insight into our online activities. As I research and write about children’s activities online, seeing the bigger picture makes me realize that everyone, not just tweens and teens, are living their lives online.

Particularly staggering is the use of YouTube – folks these days are visual. Audiences use YouTube as an instruction manual for life. Need to know how to fix a toilet? Search YouTube. Want to know how to build a certain Lego model? YouTube. Wonder what this parkour sensation is all about? YouTube. How to get that perfect hairstyle? YouTube. The possibilities are endless.

We must remember to educate today’s youth on their responsibility as digital citizens. Encourage them to create and curate digital media. Teach them to compose and share useful information and creative endeavors. Teach them to be conscious consumers–how to find what they’re looking for, as well as the willpower to not be sucked in to the black hole of the internet. How many of us have searched for something, only to be distracted by suggested links, videos, etc? A 5-minute task becomes an hour of time wasted.

A lot goes on in an internet minute. How do you spend your time online?
Internet Minute


What are your thoughts?

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