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January 29, 2014 / JaymeJ

Inspiration, Motivation, & Taking the Plunge

Photo by Marumari used under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 license.

Sometimes my inbox distracts me, leading me off onto exploratory tangents that are informative but often off-task. This morning was different. Not only did my inbox provide inspiration, but it provided concrete motivation to tackle ideas and goals that have been swimming around in my head. It may even eliminate some guilt I have been harboring about not making progress on those ideas.

Today’s inspiration came in the form of this blog post from Unclutterer – Kicking of February with Valentine’s Day Resolutions which was inspired by David Seah’s Groundhog Day Resolutions. Reading both of these was reminiscent of The Happiness Project, and the advice to focus on one do-able goal each month. The Groundhog Day reference also touched me. Though there is no explanation for the fondness, in high school I decided that Groundhog Day was the forgotten holiday that I was going to champion. It was “MY holiday!”

So the stars have aligned: Ideas, Inspiration, Motivation, and GROUNDHOG DAY!

Instead of doing the same old thing — procrastinating, not taking action, pretending I can sleep for 6 more weeks of winter — I’m taking the plunge, “Springing” into action, forgive the pun. I am setting a Groundhog Day Resolution – an annual goal that I will revisit monthly.

Defining my GDR

My Groundhog Day Resolution will:

  • document my professional learning
  • educate others
  • provide opportunity for reflection
  • give people a reason to visit my blog
  • create a new habit
  • build my PLN

This year I am going to work on blogging regularly, at least once per week. At the very least, I will have one entry posted before the end of the day each Friday. Every post does not need to be earth shattering. I give myself permission to be brief, to post videos, to share links. The golden rule: share SOMETHING.

Revisiting and Revising

David Seah describes it perfectly:

To combat the tendency for resolutions to be forgotten, there are follow-up Groundhog Day Resolution review days that happen once a month on days that are easy to remember: when the month matches the day numerically (e.g. 3/3, or March 3), that’s an official Groundhog Day Resolutions Review Day; the pattern maintains the mystic quality of February 2nd as a “double day” throughout the year, and I’ll take whatever magic I can get when it comes to maintaining my resolutions.

In keeping with this schedule, I will be checking in and reflecting on my progress monthly. GDRRD reflections will be posted on this blog. (Bonus, that will count as my post for the week. Nice!)

I invite you to share my journey, to set your own goals, or just learn along with me. As always, it is a work in progress.

I’m still learning…


What are your thoughts?

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