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March 18, 2014 / JaymeJ

Discoveries of the Week – Presentation Tools

This week I have been excited by these great presentation resources. Definitely looking forward to exploring some new (to me) tools and sharing these with teachers.

Biteslide –
An online tool for students to create presentations or portfolios. Teachers can easily setup and manage classes. Their Biteslide Blog has excellent examples for classroom applications.  At first glance, this looks like a nice alternative to Haiku Deck for student use, if teachers want students to log in to their own accounts. I also found a Biteslide resource guide from #playdate14

Haiku Deck –
Another online presentation tool for users to easily create clean, simple, and engaging slides with large images and small amounts of text. There are no class accounts, but teachers may set up an account and create class projects. Their blog from Teacher Appreciation Day contains tips for classroom use. Free Tech for Teachers featured 76 uses for Haiku Deck in the Classroom.

Easily create and share presentations without a login. Presentations expire in 7 days, but a free login allows presentations to be saved and shared indefinitely. Like Haiku Deck, the TOS state you must be over 13 to create an account, so this is more suited as a teacher tool for K-6. Older students might appreciate the ease of creation and sharing, particularly if long-term saving is not required .

EdPuzzle –
Curate media from other sources – YouTube, Kahn Academy, TED, and more – or upload your own. Add your voice, notes, and embedded quizzes. I’m looking into this as a resource for creating classroom review activities or online lessons for summer.  Free Tech for Teachers wrote about using EdPuzzle in the classroom.




What are your thoughts?

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