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May 5, 2014 / JaymeJ

Screen free week: Untether yourself from technology

Reposted from Village School’s Tech Bytes


This week is International Screen Free Week, a time when parents and children are encouraged to step away from devices and use their free time for some offline fun! Of course, this does not include using technology for work and school assignments. You have to keep doing those, but you can cut back on checking social media or playing Candy Crush!
Before you step away from your computer to go outside and play with your kids, here are some resources to help you be a bit more mindful with your technology use.
In an interview, Rachel Macy Stafford (the blogger behind Hands Free Mama) shares some tips for carving out quality time with your children. Even though her blog title says “Mama,” this advice is perfect for Papa’s, too!

  • Establish distraction free time every day. In Stafford’s home, weekdays from 3-7:30 are device free and weekends are as unplugged as possible.
  • Create one daily ritual. Set aside a time, every day, that is just for you and your child.
  • Say proper goodbyes. Take 60 seconds to say goodbye and show your love.
  • Turn off notifications.  Silencing alerts untethers us from our always-on technology and our compulsive desire to respond like Pavlov’s dog to each chime, ding, or buzz.

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