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October 28, 2014 / JaymeJ

Let and Streetchat: Two new social media apps targeting teens

Reposted from Village School’s Tech Bytes

Social media apps and websites are always being developed. The two mentioned in this blog post are merely the most recent iterations. We advise parents to also read our previous posts about Whisper, Instagram, SnapChat,Vine, and

Let: Social networking for teens

PictureNew to the social media scene is Let. Where LinkedIn is for business connections and Facebook user are trending older, Let targets teens desire to become a star by literally allowing others to “star” their posts. The more stars, the higher up on the leaderboard you rise. By turning the Facebook “like” button into a star, Let encourages users to publicize their posts across other social media platforms (Twitter, Vine, Instagram) and direct them back to their Let post. With “celebrity” as a driving force and the tagline Join the coolest Social Network. It’s fun, it’s anonymous, it’s cool., one is not surprised to learn that girls aged 13-18 are the main users of Let.

Like many newer social media platforms, Let is entirely mobile based (only an app with no online or desktop version). What makes Let different is how it populates your newsfeed. Instead of using an algorithm, it uses gamification – allowing users to decide what content is most popular and highlighting that in each newsfeed.

We Are Social Media describes the rating system:

Users give each post they see up to three stars, generating a ranking of the most popular posts and users. The more stars a post receives, the more people will see it. Simple, fun and efficient. This way Let can guarantee its users will see more of what is interesting and less of the clutter of boring uninteresting updates.

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Streetchat: A live photoboard for schools and colleges

PictureThe app’s description says a lot:

Get a live photo feed of what people are posting in your school or college.
Streetchat is an anonymous bulletin board to post photos to the people in your school. It is a fast reliable way to share your thoughts and talk about things around you.

What it doesn’t say is that Streetchat is the newest platform for online bullying among high school students. Any time teens are encouraged to post, and then upvote or downvote posts, annonymously…it is an invitation for rude, crude, or socially unacceptable uses. While the Streetchat terms and conditions expressly forbid bullying, it also states, “We do not monitor content.”

Read more about Streetchat:
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Other social media networks:
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