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February 26, 2015 / JaymeJ

Stop Drinking Water from a Fire Hose: Google Search Tips & Tricks


We all use Google search to find answers to our questions, but there are lots of things that Google Search can do to help save you time! For the Parent Technology Academy that I present at my school, January kicked off our Google Guru series, focusing upon tips and tricks for using Google Search. Our recap of Google search tips & tricks are being delivered in two parts:

Part 1 – Search Tools (click to read blog post)
Part 2 – Shortcuts & Time Savers (click to read blog post)

Learn More about Google Searching:

Google Inside Search – learn how search works, features, and watch search stories
How to Search on Google – tips and tricks to help you easily find information
Google Guide – interactive tips for novices, experts, and teens

And More!

There are lots of other things that Google Search can do. You can track packages, look up zip and area codes, find time zones, and more.

Watch: Search Tips & Tricks YouTube Playlist
Read: Learn more about other things you can ask Google
Try it: Need a timer? Google the word timer!


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