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November 13, 2015 / JaymeJ

Minecraft for Moms and Dads

Notes from our October parent education morning on Minecraft, MinecraftEDU, and Minecraft Pocket Edition. Reposted from Village School Tech Bytes.

We had a great turn out for our parent technology morning “Minecraft for Moms and Dads.” Thank you to those of you who attended! Links and resources shared are listed below or shared in this printable PDF.maxresdefault


from Sarah McManus 

What is this game my kid keeps talking about?

It’s like Legos online.
Those little blocks are like Legos that don’t hurt your feet. Kids can build freely in creative mode. In survival mode, they have to defend their builds against attackers.

On computers, Minecraft is a piece of software that, once installed, can be played in stand alone mode or connected to a server for group plan.

On iPads, iPods, or tablets, Minecraft is an app that can be played alone or with others, only if they are on the same wifi network.

Is it scary?
In survival mode, zombies,skeletons, and creepers stalk the players, forcing defensive moves and cooperation. The violence is extremely unrealistic, but kids under 7 or with vivid imaginations may be creeped out.

Is it teaching anything?
Yes! Play requires critical thinking and delayed gratification, and cooperation makes it more fun.
Kids learn online etiquette. Minecraft gives you the chance to discuss online behavior before the cell phone years.

Is it safe?
It can be. Kids are at risk for abusive play called “griefing:” think of one kid smashing another’s Lego creation. Kids need to know game etiquette.

Strangers can play with and talk to kids, too, in certain settings. Kid-safe servers and setting the Pocket Edition to Single Player may be right for your kid.

Truths to Teach

Have Fun the Smart Way

  • To play, create a safe password and a username that is not your real name. Keep this private information private!
  • Servers are public places, so playing online is like playing at a playground. Act and speak in a way that’s right for a public place.

Avoid Grief

  • GriefingTaking or breaking something that isn’t yours online. Bullying someone in words or actions online.
  • Don’t grief! If you accidentally do,apologize and offer to make it right.
  • Avoid griefers! If someone’s mean to you in Pocket Edition, open a new single player world…or create a newMultiplayer world and uncheck “Server visible by default” as you create it.Your world will be invisible.
  • Playing on a desktop? Consider a kid-friendly server. They have games and no griefing or bad language.
  • Trust your gut feelings. If a player starts talking to you and it’s awkward or scary, tell a trusted adult.

Balance the Time

  • Being online all the time makes you boring and unhealthy. So find some friends who like to do Minecraft, go outside, and play Creeper Tag!

Wrap Your Mind Around Minecraft

Tutorials & Articles for Parents

Parent’s intro to Minecraft

A more complete guide

The 10 Best Kid-Friendly Minecraft Channels on YouTube

Educational benefits of Minecraft

Minecraft glossary for parents

10 things parents need to know about Minecraft

10 problems that parents can have with Minecraft

Learn to play (video)

Kid-Friendly Servers for Desktop Play

Intercraften (most popular)


Sandlot (recommended)


What are your thoughts?

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